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Speedy Auto Glass Repair Toronto is committed to giving back to the community that has supported our growth. Our main goal is to provide support to the local communities and contribute to their efforts in benefiting everyone.

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Why Choose Us

We utilize genuine equipment glass and materials sourced from our reputable partners, such as PPG and Pilkington. Genuine equipment glass is manufactured to match the exact factory specifications of your vehicle.

Preparing the Vehicle

Before replacing the rear window, we take measures to ensure the vehicle’s body and interior are adequately protected.

Removing the Damaged Glass

To begin the process, we remove any broken glass from the vehicle’s interior and carefully extract the bonding glue that was holding the window in place.

Preparing the Replacement Glass

The replacement glass is prepared by first applying primer to both the window and its frame. The primer is left to dry before we apply bonding glue to the outer edge of the rear window to ensure flawless adherence.

Installing the New Window

With great care and using specialized tools, we replace the window. Once the new window is installed, it requires approximately 30 minutes to dry before the vehicle can safely return to the road.

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Speedy Auto Glass Toronto has been a reliable provider of glass solutions for cars for years. Our emphasis on safety and proper processes has earned us certification from the Auto Glass Safety Council. We strive to deliver exceptional service and premium-quality products to meet your needs. With more than 30 locations throughout the United States, our branches are well-equipped to cater to all of your glass-related requirements.

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+1 (844) 990-1998